The Rise of Ultrasound Tech Careers on the Opensource Market

health careers - opensitesourcelistHere at Opensourcelist we don’t normally talk about careers, but since ultrasound technicians work with opensource softwares, we though you’d like to know how in-demand their jobs are currently. Are you a student who hopes to become a certified ultrasound technician someday? Do you know of anything to do with the basic ultrasound technician requirements? This article provides answers to all questions related to ultrasound technician requirements

Who Are Ultrasound Technicians?

According to Diagnostic medical sonographers, also known as ultrasound technicians or just sonographers operate equipment, which utilizes sound waves to produce real images of the internal body structure. Ultrasound is mostly used in obstetrics, although it can also be used to diagnose other medical conditions.

Ultrasound Technician Qualifications

Reliable ultrasound technicians ought to have trained through associate’s degree programs, but certificate and bachelor’s degree are also available. All in all, most employers hope to hire ultrasound experts who have got certification that proves their efficiency in various areas of specialty.

Ultrasound technicians carry out duties that give out results that are similar to other diagnostic imaging fields, such as Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-ray technology. What makes sonographers to be different is that they make use of reflected sound waves to create images of the internal body. This diagnostic method is mostly used during pregnancy to view the fetus. Sonographers must thus, be able to check on abnormal problem areas and provide relevant images. They are required to provide images which are clear enough so that doctors can be able to make accurate diagnosis.

Training to become a sonographer can be done through military training or through a formal education program. The training program for this profession is available in different universities, vocation/technical schools and some colleges. Besides education, the ultrasound technicians are required to be best at obstetrics, pathopysiology, ultrasound equipment and human anatomy. In some countries such as USA, health boards like ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) additionally demand students to complete basic clinical education before they can take the registration examination for certification.

Some employers may ask for certification as part of the licensure process for Sonography jobs, but certification in this field is basically voluntary. Majorly, certification provides sonographers with a professional evaluation of their skills and this is what employers actually prefer. Certification in this field can only be attained if the student performs well in certification exams, which usually test on vascular, abdomen and breast Sonography.

According to research, Sonography jobs were anticipated to increase by over 26% between 2014 and 2024. Actually, the rise in the level of jobs for this sector was anticipated to rise considering the less invasiveness and cost effectiveness of the procedure. The mean annual salary for the job is thought to be $70, 880. Someone who’d like to work as a sonographer should be comfortable to work for this kind of pay.